What's the story?


Group what?

Group. A debut BBC Scotland comedy about our addiction to seeking a better version of ourselves – and a need to tell the world about it.

This sounds intriguing.

It's a joint project by Garnethill author Denise Mina and writer/director Annie Griffin, who was behind Channel 4's hit show, The Book Group.

Talk about pedigree.

Indeed. Group is among a trio of new BBC Scotland comedies airing this month. The Scotts, a mockumentary by Burnistoun co-creators Robert Florence and Iain Connell, debuted last week (available on BBC iPlayer now) with family comedy The Daly Grind following on January 20.

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What's the lowdown?

A group of addicts meet for a weekly session. This is not AA, but rather AD, an expensive, post-rehab therapy treatment which takes its initials from founder Adam Derekson. The AD Group method promises sobriety and personal growth. However, as it soon transpires, the gathered ensemble may not be the best candidates for personal growth.

How so?

Posturing, lies, secret affairs – they are insufferable.

Cast details, please.

Comedy stalwart Jonathan Watson, Scot Squad's Sally Reid, Outlander actor Grant O'Rourke, with Derek Riddell as the charismatic Adam Derekson.

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When can I watch?

BBC One Scotland, Monday, at 10.35pm and then BBC Scotland, Friday, at 10.30pm.