Moxie By Jennifer Mathieu was published by Roaring Book Press and is sold at £9.81

What is the book about?

The book follows a young girl named Viv growing up in Texas who, after discovering her mother’s time in the nineties as a “Riot Grrrl”, starts to notice the subtle and sometimes not so subtle inequalities in her own school. It follows her journey in channeling that anger into an anonymous feminist zine named Moxie as it spreads through the school into an even wider feminist movement. It deals with so many important themes in a way that I rarely see in the sense that instead of hinting at it as part of a bigger plot, things like victim-blaming and the lack of understanding of these issues are focused on boldly and primarily.

Who is it aimed at?

Though it certainly falls into the YA category I would recommend it to absolutely everyone.

What was your favourite part?

To choose a favourite part of Moxie is almost impossible with how much I adored the entire book but one thing that really stood out to me was the unity expressed. Girls that had never really spoken or considered each other to be friends found comfort and community in Moxie and the way it’s written makes the reader feel just as connected and welcome.

What was your least favourite part?

With how important the movement and Viv’s became, I

felt that some of the characters and their contributions to the story sometimes got lost along the way.

Which character would you most like to meet?

Of the characters portrayed I would be most interested in speaking to the main character Viv, because of all that she experienced throughout the story and her eagerness to learn more and do what she can

to help.

Why should someone buy this book?

As one of the key foundations of my feminist values today and with a movie adaptation on the way, it’s one of my favourite books to recommend.