What’s it called?


What’s it about?

Gossip, and the ruder the better. Although inter-cut with bizarre sound effects, weird voiceovers and moments of surreal silliness it’s essentially three people sitting around telling rude or obscene stories which have been sent in by listeners. Occasionally they’re joined by a celebrity guest to chip in their recollections of this or that strange rumour and at the end of each show the participants have to decide which story they enjoyed the most - and then one of them shouts it out the window. That’s pretty much it.

Who’s in it?

Comedians David Earl and Joe Wilkinson are joined by actor, film-maker and podcaster Poppy Hillstead. Earl has worked with Rick Gervais (he played Kev in his sitcom Derek) and Wilkinson was one half of comedy duo Two Episodes Of Mash with Diane Morgan, aka Philomena Cunk.

What’s so good about it?

It’s laugh-out-loud funny, a quality not to be sneezed at these days.

Best bits

Ricky Gervais’s story about how Chopper Wilson, the “hardest bloke” in the Reading suburb of Whitley, once headbutted someone through a bus window is worth a listen, as is Pointless quiz master Richard Osman’s eye-watering story involving a handful of 50 pence pieces – 14 to be precise – and a certain part of a pub-goers anatomy.