What’s it called?


What’s it about?

It tells the story of Bridget Landry, a barely-getting-by mother of two teenage children who works in the principal’s office of her local high school in Seattle and who has an ex-husband in rehab. More specifically it tells the story of what happens when Bridget is the victim of a vishing scam, the name given to that form of fraud in which people divulge their bank details over the phone thinking they’re dealing with a reputable company. In this case Bridget thinks her husband has overdosed so she wires her entire savings to what she thinks is the hospital treating him. Bad move. Incensed, she enlists the help of her 15-year-old daughter’s hacker friend, tracks down the visher and gets her money back – but only by agreeing to work for the woman. Oh, and it’s kind of a comedy.

Who’s in it?

Carrie Coon (Fargo, The Sinner) is Bridget, the series is written by Sandi Farkas and there’s a certain Mr Alan Cumming in the cast too. And yes, it is that Alan Cumming.

What’s so good about it?

Apart from the humour it’s the short, fast-paced episodes that keep you hooked as well as the excellent sound design, a procession of phone calls – Bridget’s never off hers – and snatched conversations.

For fans of …

Motherland, Better Things, American Hustle