The Infinite

Patience Agbabi, £5.99


What is the book about?

Elle Bíbi-Imbelé was born on the 29th of February, a leap year, and with it comes the power of time travel.

Who is it aimed at?

Those between eight and 12.

What was your favourite part?

The style in which it was written. The bold and fun writing makes it perfectly suited to children as it keeps its sense of humour.

What was your least favourite?

Parts of the plot felt less engaging and focused than others, leading to some confusion.

Which character would you most like to meet?

I absolutely loved Elle, she was head-strong, easy to follow and an utter delight. To learn more about her life and interests over the course of the story would be an immeasurable pleasure to any reader.

Why should someone buy this book?

From what I’ve learned through all the books I’ve read, stories about time travel aimed towards children are few and far between, especially not with such well written themes of friendship and acceptance of differences.