What’s it called?

Athletico Mince

What’s it about?

All you can really say with any certainty is that, despite the title, it’s not really about football, so imagine the second word to be a better guide to the podcast’s content than the first.

Who’s in it?

A certain Bob Mortimer is the culprit-in-chief – better known as one half of National Treasures Vic and Bob – though he’s ably assisted in the silliness and general mayhem by writer and broadcaster Andy Dawson, like Mortimer a son of the English north-east (though he hails from Sunderland where Mortimer is from Middlesbrough).

What’s so good about it?

As you’d expect from anything Bob Mortimer-related it’s mind-bendingly inventive and surreal and laugh-out-loud funny. If it’s scripted at all, it doesn’t sound like it. If it isn’t, it just makes Mortimer’s genius all the more remarkable.

Best bits …

There’s a long-running segment called Gangs Of The EPL (English Premier League) and in a particularly silly example Mortimer gives the apparent low-down on a post-match bust up between footballers Raheem Sterling of Manchester City and Joe Gomez of Liverpool. It took place (allegedly) at the gravy station in the Liverpool canteen. While Roberto Firmino was dancing on a table. Wearing a white three piece suit and Cuban heels. Red ones. And so on and so one.

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