What’s it called?

Plot Twist

What’s it about?

It’s an interview-based podcast in which stars of TV and film talk about their lives, careers and work. But – and here’s the clever bit – it’s all done through the prism of a moment which has changed everything for them, either in real life or in something they have appeared in. The podcast is made on behalf of subscription TV service Now TV so there’s a fair amount of plugging goes on for its own content. On the plus side, that means the presenters are afforded access to the sorts of guests most podcasters can only dream about. In one episode, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon sit down together to talk about their long association and, of course, about The Trip, the much-loved comedy series in which they play fictionalised versions of themselves travelling around the UK and Europe, eating in posh restaurants and swapping impersonations. Another episode features Mel and Sue and a third, recorded post-lockdown, features Stephen Graham and Daniel Mays.

Who’s in it?

Apart from the guests themselves – other big names include David Schwimmer, Michelle Keegan, Karl Pilkington and Lennie James – it’s only the presenters, self-confessed telly nerds Tom and Fran.

What’s so good about it?

It’s rare to hear actors with their guard down and talking at length about the times their careers haven’t gone so well. Stephen Graham was so disillusioned by his lack of work even after appearing in hits like Gangs Of New York and This Is England that he came within a “cigarette paper” of giving up acting and taking a job in a local youth centre. And his story about letting his son give him a lockdown haircut – filmed, posted on Twitter and now a viral sensation – is well worth hearing.

Fun fact

Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan first met each other in the bar of a Holiday Inn in Reading, introduced by Julia Davis.

For fans of …

The Trip, The Graham Norton Show