What's the story?

Mirror Mirror.

Sigh. Are you fishing for compliments again?

How very dare you. It's a new 12-part BBC Scotland series charting life for the nation's hairdressers.

Aren't they all closed?

Currently, yes. This was filmed before lockdown. The show holds, erm, a mirror up to the many fascinating conversations that take place in salons and barber shops.

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Like where people are going on holiday?

That's a dull cliche. We're talking running the gamut from theories on why sheep always look so weird to the joy of caravans and what it's like to own a nuclear bunker.

How on earth does that come up at the hairdressers?

The question should be: how does it not? Cutting and colouring hair is merely part of it. All good hairdressers and barbers are also skilled therapists with a hearty dash of cabaret thrown in. There are few secrets in salons.


Yeah. My hairdresser has shared everything from stories of mangled toes to badly drawn tattoos.

I've clearly led a sheltered life.

Evidently. Although perhaps you can change that by tuning in. Or finding a new hairdresser.

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When can I watch?

Mirror Mirror begins on BBC Scotland, Friday, 10.30pm.