What’s it called?

The Evidence Locker

What’s it about?

It’s a true crime podcast but with a difference, that difference being that where most podcasts of the type look at single events (see Serial) or focus narrowly on one country – there’s a preponderance of American examples – this one scours the globe for stories. What it doesn’t do is independently investigate the cases: everything presented comes from publicly available and archive material so it’s more of an expert re-telling than a forensic examination. It’s sensitively handled as well, and each episode opens with the promise to treat victims and their families with the utmost respect.

Who’s in it?

The narrator and host is Noel Vinson (also a rapper) and the show is produced by creator Sonya Lowe, who has a background in American television.

What’s so good about it?

Its global reach. There are several British cases, among them the ‘doorstep murder’ of Alistair Wilson in Nairn in 2004 and the death of Swedish national Annie Borjesson, who lived in Edinburgh and whose body was found washed up on Prestwick Beach in 2005. The official verdict there was suicide but her family suspect foul play and the Swedish government has declared that files relating to her death are secret and that revealing them would be against the national interest. Beyond the UK there are episodes dealing with murders from all over the world, with Russia, Ukraine and South America providing some of the weirdest and most gruesome – like the Russian serial killer Aleaxnder Pichuskin, who intended to have a victim for every square on a chessboard, and the so-called Monster Of Lolol, a Chilean shopkeeper who beheaded his victims.

Where can I find it?

It’s available to download for free on iTunes, or from the podcast’s dedicated website.

For fans of …

Serial, S-Town, Teacher’s Pet