Cinderella Is Dead

Kalynn Bayron

Bloomsbury, £6.99

What is the book about?

It’s set in an extremely patriarchal world based around the aftermath of Cinderella’s story. Two hundred years later, every young girl must follow strict rules and attend their first ball to find a suitable husband at 16 with only three chances before they are declared forfeit at 18. Sophia despises this system and wants nothing more than to leave it all behind with the girl she loves.

Who is it aimed at?


What was your favourite part?

My favourite part of this story would have to be learning about the world it’s set in. Every strict rule and tradition raises questions you can’t wait to have answered. Its dystopian feel only creates more sympathy for the characters.

What was your least favourite part?

This is one of those books that I find near impossible to fault.

Which character would you most like to meet?

The main character Sophia was the perfect brave and strong rebel.

Why should someone buy this book?

It’s thoughtful, intense and gripping.