I Am Not a Witch (12A)

Rating: 4/5

Dir: Rungano Nyoni

With: Maggie Mulubwa, Henry BJ Phiri

Runtime: 93 minutes

A RED letter week for satire continues with this memorable drama from Zambian-born director Rungano Nyoni. Eight-year-old orphan Shula (Maggie Mulubwa), has been accused of witchcraft. Sent by an ambitious government official to join a community of so-called witches, the man from the ministry soon sees a way of using Shula to advance his career and make money. Nyoni’s picture initially plays like a comedy, with the absurdity of the situation played for laughs. But as the lot of Shula and her fellow “witches”, all women who for one reason or another do not fit in, becomes clearer the tone changes sharply. Mulubwa exerts a presence you won’t forget in a hurry.

Nature of the Beast (PG)

Rating: 3/5

Dir: Daniel Draper

Runtime: 106 minutes

IN Daniel Draper’s affectionate documentary, the titular beast is of the Bolsover variety, aka Labour MP Dennis Skinner, aka the man SNP MPs could not evict from his Commons spot. When Skinner entered parliament in 1970 he vowed three things: don’t pair with a Tory, don’t sup in bars with “right-wing” journalists, and don’t go on all-party trips abroad. He has stayed true to those principles, and plenty more, with his politics remaining as red as his ties. No surprises there, which would make for a dull documentary if not for Draper’s determination to bring out Skinner’s softer side, including his love of London parks and his belter of a voice.

Glasgow Film Theatre, October 26, 8.10pm, plus Q&A with director