The Disaster Artist (15) ***
Dir: James Franco
With: James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogan
Runtime: 103 minutes
THERE has been intense competition for the title of world’s worst movie, but Tommy Wiseau’s The Room has fought them all off.  Directed by James Franco, who also plays the risen without trace Wiseau, this is the inside story of the making of that horribly hammy drama. Who was the strangely accented actor/writer/director/whatever, and how did his film grow in fame from niche event to cult status? All the answers are here in this affectionate biopic, with plenty of star names, from Sharon Stone to Bryan Cranston, turning up to lend a hand. Overstays its welcome, and overplays the notion that Wiseau, though a chump, represents the true spirit of Hollywood dreams, but plenty of amusing moments.

Brigsby Bear (15) **
Dir: Dave McCary
With: Mark Hamill, Kyle Mooney, Greg Kinnear
Runtime: 97 minutes
MEET James, who lives with his parents in the desert. Though he will never see his twenties again, James is obsessed with the space adventures of Brigsby the Bear. Yet all is not as it seems with James, as we see when the FBI turn up. How will James cope in the real world without his furry pal? Dave McCary, a writer/director on Saturday Night Live, attempts to lighten his tale with mountains of sugary moments, and Kyle Mooney does his best to portray James as an innocent abroad. But the attempt to put a wacky spin on a tale of child abduction is the kind of idea that should never have graduated from film school.