Radio Free America

Banquet Records

A musical act borne out of a romance can be a risky business. Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora and his partner, Australian musician and legitimate vocal powerhouse Orianthi – who was guitarist for Michael Jackson and Alice Cooper – appear to have managed to avoid a cringeworthy vanity project with duo RSO.

Debut album Radio Free America is an all-guns-blazing onslaught of pop-rock tracks, filled with heavy production laced with layers of guitar riffs that you can't help but bop along to. There's an element of the 1990s here, but it's fair to say Sambora, 58, and Orianthi, 33, work best together when their voices blend.

Soaring emotion-packed vocals and electronic elements from a bygone music era abound, and standout tracks include weighty opener Making History, hearty Together On The Outside, the I Love Rock 'n' Roll-sounding Rise, and peppy Walk With Me. This is a strong effort – albeit one Bon Jovi fans may not be expecting – filled with tracks that will no doubt become sing-along staples if you give this album a listen more than twice.

Lucy Mapstone