Gaz Coombes

World's Strongest Man

Hot Fruit/Caroline International

There must be something either in the air or the water but the number of Nineties festival favourites who are returning is amazing.

Not that Gaz Coombes has particularly been away, he's just been that bit quieter than in his heyday during the Supergrass years. World's Strongest Man is his third solo studio album, and it is also his strongest of the trio.

Working through modern life in the way he knows best, in his lyrics. What starts as a lyrical floating fantasy gets gradually darker and grimier as each track passes.

Walk The Walk has Coombes working through the anger and disbelief of the political atmosphere in America, whereas Vanishing Act is just angry and loud. Shouting his internal thoughts and punching them into the music. For me the best track on World's Strongest Man is Deep Pockets, a retro piece of heady summertime fun.

Rachel Howdle