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Opinion Claire Taylor: We need to support farmers – not shame them

Claire Taylor: We need to support farmers – not shame them Healthy soils, healthy animals, healthy planet – has regenerative farming got it sussed? Discussions around ‘regen’ farming have become a popular talking point, not only in farming circles but amongst our policy makers.

Claire Taylor The war on climate change will not be won by division

Oxford University study sparks "meat dilemma" conversation, calling for a national plan to reduce meat consumption and production, making room for plant-based proteins. Cattle and sheep numbers in the UK have dropped 40% in 30 years, but meat demand remains high, with 98% of British households consuming meat.

Big Read: The case for eating read meat is a clear and simple one

The case for eating red meat is a simple one - not only does this nutrient-dense protein produced naturally and in abundance here in Scotland offer significant benefits to public health, when consumed in moderation, but its very production is critical to sustaining rural life, local wildlife and boosting biodiversity.