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Andrew Dunlop was an adviser to former Conservative prime minister David Cameron during the 2014 independence referendum

Andrew Dunlop was an adviser to former Conservative prime minister David Cameron during the 2014 independence referendum

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Andrew Dunlop: Is the UK willing to pay the cost of restoring peace in Europe?

THE Ukraine war isn’t turning out as expected – certainly not as President Vladimir Putin expected. Heads are rolling in Russian High Command. The quick fire blitzkrieg to occupy Kyiv and topple the Zelenskyy government has been bogged down – literally – in the ‘rasputitsa’, the same muddy road conditions Napoleon and Hitler encountered during ill-fated Russian campaigns.

Andrew Dunlop: Putin doesn’t understand the human spirit. That will be his downfall

IT was shocking to wake up to the news last Thursday that Russia had invaded Ukraine, an independent, sovereign and democratic European country. We’d been warned a full-scale invasion was possible, likely even. Reality when it came was still chilling. Is it hyperbole to suggest that Western liberal democracies are facing their most dangerous moment since the Second World War? Six months ago the notion would have seemed laughable. Now, not so much. Suddenly our own political disagreements seem

Andrew Dunlop: Yes, Minister...but is the civil service fit for purpose?

‘PARTYGATE’ damages the Prime Minister. It also risks tarnishing the civil service’s reputation as a Rolls-Royce machine, which purrs along smoothly no matter how bumpy the road or wayward the driver. Smoke is billowing worryingly from the bonnet. Is some fresh oil needed or a reconditioned engine?

Andrew Dunlop: Bring on the Boris and Nicola show

A deep Atlantic depression has settled over Scotland. Beneath it the nation’s commentariat is gripped by despair. Newspapers and maga-zines are full of wailing and gnashing of teeth. Scotland’s politics is mired in treacle. Paralysed by constitutional stalemate. Progress on any front is impossible. For the next decade at least you’ll just have to hunker down. Pull the bedcovers more tightly over your head. And just thole it.

Andrew Dunlop: SNP complain while claiming credit for UK's largesse

BORIS Johnson’s an energetic promoter of ‘cakeism’. Partial to a bit of cake and enthusiastic about scoffing it. Yet Johnson is a slouch compared to the SNP. To royally mix the culinary metaphors, they really do take the biscuit. This thought sprung to mind whilst reading recent comments by Kevin Pringle, the SNP’s former communications chief.