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Opinion Daniella Theis: Why we all need to go on regular digital diets

WHEN it comes to thinking of ideas on what to write about, I often find them coming to me organically. They pop into my mind when out walking, talking with people, or seeing something in my day-to-day life that sparks my interest. I mull over things and dissect them. When writing, words form in my head and trickle down on to the page to form what becomes my work.

Opinion Daniella Theis: Are you fatphobic? Take the Sam Smith test

I DISCOVERED a recent dichotomy. Some say ‘fatphobia’ does not exist, yet even in the few weeks of 2023, the backlash some prominent people – most recently Sam Smith for their recent video (he identifies as non-binary) accompanying their new single I'm Not Here To Make Friends – have received seems to prove this untrue.

Opinion Daniella Theis: How a quick chat with a stranger made my day

I recently had chat with a family member about her idea for a book were she to ever write one: all the interesting conversations she had with people when travelling by bus. Since she retired, she loved going on bus journeys to travel Scotland and to see friends and family, throughout which she often found herself seated next to someone she'd never met before, talking along the way.