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Style Focus: William Street and the west end, Edinburgh

I always think of the west end of Edinburgh in terms of seasons - drinkers spilling out onto the pavement on a sunny day in William Street, and Christmas shopping as the nights draw in, the mulled wine scent of candles in Studio One and shops lit up with fairy lights.

Style Focus: Peebles

Peebles is one of those towns that, for the most part, has managed to avoid the curse of the high street - an influx of chain stores and charity shops which drive out independent retailers.

Wool you be there? Scottish company hosts knitting workshops at Games

Scottish knit company Eribé, nominated for a 2014 Scottish Fashion Award as exporter of the Year, is hosting creative hand-knitting workshops over the weekend in the Shed Zone in Glasgow Green. These include urban knitting sessions - a form of street art where people create colourful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn to brighten up public spaces. Scottish knitters will be getting involved including Ginger Twist Studio and Town Mouse Knitting Club, both based in Edinburgh.

Style Focus: places to pamper in Edinburgh

As much as I hate the word 'pampering', which conjures up an image of nappies and baby food, and those annual articles on how we have to ditch the tights and bare our legs for the sun, there is no escaping the fact that more flesh has to go on show when summer approaches.

Style Focus: Glasgow's Southside

The Southside's vibrant mix is reflected in the Halal shops, Indian fabric stores, Polish convenience shops, traditional old-man pubs and Queen's Park, a haven of tranquillity where everyone flocks to on a sunny day.

Pop-up 'til you drop: New Scottish label opens temporary shop at Princes Square

Protected Species is a Glasgow born design collective, with the aim of creating raincoats that look more stylish than the average hill walking gear. The company came up with an innovative waterproof fabric and a range of trenchcoats and parkas, with hoods, pockets, toggles and other practical features to protect against wind and rain.