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Angela Haggerty: Long live the strange circus of trashy TV

A FRIEND of mine insisted recently that I watch circus extravaganza The Greatest Showman, a movie I was sure I would hate. It is a musical and I’m not a great fan; I am not a cheerleader for fantastical depictions of a magical world where people are accepted for all their weird and wonderful flaws. It’s how I would love the world to be, but as a realist I get annoyed at Hollywood exploitation of such things. It’s easy to sex these things up, but it doesn’t translate into real life.

Angela Haggerty: Stop the wholesale outsourcing of our public services

I WROTE a letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair when I was 11, back in 1997, to suggest that people were wrong when they believed there was “no room” in Britain to house asylum seekers: in the innocence of my youth I pointed out that the Royal Family had a lot of palaces and land, and there would probably be quite a lot of room there.

Angela Haggerty: Why Twitter is in a fight for its very survival

I CAN still remember a time when Twitter was brilliant. When I began using it in around 2011, it felt vibrant and bright. There was a real novelty to the nature of the interaction – unlike Facebook, which brought real-life relationships into the virtual world, Twitter was about building bonds with complete strangers based on shared interests. In just 140 characters, as it was then, users gradually found kindred spirits around the world.