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Essay: Why Orangemen believe their way of life is being eroded

I first became interested in Orangeism at the academic level after I was appointed in the 1990s to the Foundation Glucksman Chair of Irish and Scottish Studies and became the first Director of the AHRC Centre of Irish and Scottish Studies at Aberdeen(in association with Trinity College, Dublin and Queen's University, Belfast).

Tom Devine: Brexit is an act of economic suicide but it is not inevitable

IT came out during a long radio interview with Sally Magnusson last year. I was asked among other things about Brexit and its implications for Scotland. Probably more in hope than in any expectation, I blurted out that Brexit would probably not happen. The prediction easily slipped off the tongue because I believe the Leave vote of June 2016 is an act of political and economic self-harm without equal in the modern history of the United Kingdom. Indeed, deciding to leave the biggest single trade bloc in the world as the result of a narrow majority in a referendum has to be seen as a collective act of potential economic suicide.