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Hannah Dines: Glory in Berlin and the golden rule of racing for all

THERE were no empty lanes in my final. Already a victory for women (there were double the number of competitors than in the men’s race) and for a significantly disabled cerebral palsy class. The feeling on that start line was the best in the world. So many had been supported so they could overcome so much.

Hannah Dines: Every trike has its day

“To get medals ... all you’ve got to do is lie a little bit.” On Tuesday, three athletes and the BBC damned Paralympic classification like never before, with a Radio 4 programme investigating concerns about the system and whether some competitors have exaggerated their disabilities to boost their chance of winning.

Hannah Dines: Being a superhero is tough without a cape . . . or money

I’M an international trike racer. When I compete, I race against two former undercover cops in their 50s; an east German, Jana, whose first language may have been Russian (and who I have never seen smile); and Marie-Eve, whose thighs are part-human, part-tree trunk, and whose use of words is similarly wooden – exclusively “good job” if she’s beating you or “f**k off” if she’s not. There’s another opponent: ex-army Monica, desert and diesel still running through her veins. There are more of us, but these are my target girls for Tokyo 2020.