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Chris Deerin: It’s time for less tribalism, more thought

THERE’S been a lot of debate around Steven Gerrard’s appointment as Rangers manager. What bugs people seems to be this: ok, he’s done it as a player, but being a manager is a very different challenge – where’s the evidence he’s up to it?

Chris Deerin: Drastic steps bring to mind the values of mercy and care

EVEN in daylight, even under the spring sunshine with the flowers sprouting around, the steps have a sort of doomy gothic foreboding about them. They are vertiginously steep, dank and undrying, the kind of cobwebbed passageway that might at its higher end deliver you to the creaking door of a vampire’s castle and at its lower into the bowels of a crypt, where, one imagines, it soon becomes clear that not all the coffin lids are screwed on tight.

Chris Deerin: Why Nicola Sturgeon has booked a place in my affections

LIKE most bookworms, if I had the choice I’d spend all day, every day, closeted away with a novel. I’m at my most content when sunk in a fictional environment, whether it be a slapstick 1950s university campus, a dystopian near-future, a high-stakes game of Cold War espionage, or the court of some venomous monarch where everyone dresses in tabards and hose and flamboyant hats and murders their siblings. I chain-read, sparking up one book after the next. I fret about the good stuff I’ll probably never get round to and lament that we don’t have two lives: one to live and one to read.