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PREMIUM Jonathon Shafi: Ukraine raises the spectre of a new intolerance

“Europe is gliding down an inclined plane with increasing swiftness towards the abyss of a general war, a war of hitherto unheard-of extent and ferocity. Only one thing can stop it – a change of system in Russia. That this must come about in a few years there can be no doubt. May it come to pass in good time before the otherwise inevitable occurs." Those are the words of Frederick Engels, writing in 1890, as part of a scathing critique of Russian Tsardom.

Jonathon Shafi: What's really going on with the SNP's endlessly-stalled push for independence?

THE SNP conference meets once again this weekend, in an online format, at least. Speaking to a veteran SNP campaigner, we talked about how much the traditional in-person conferences were missed. Partly, this nostalgia referred to the ability to debate fully, to get a sense of one’s own political agency and to feel the atmosphere of the crowd after a rousing speech. But personally, too, it was an opportunity to socialise and to catch up with friends.

PREMIUM Jonathon Shafi: How the working class can build back better after Covid

UNDER the shade of his cowboy hat – after touching down from his first space adventure – billionaire Jeff Bezos drew a substantial backlash when he said the following at the post-flight press conference: “I also want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for this.” Little wonder. Amazon is known for its union busting and low wages and has been accused of exploitative practices and inhumane conditions for workers. That Mr Bezos rides his rocket int

Opinion: Jonathon Shafi: Scotland needs vision – not business as usual – to recover from pandemic

A RECENT Financial Times editorial contained some of the most striking sentences thus far written on the  consequences of the pandemic. “The Black Death”, they write, “is often credited with transforming labour relations in Europe. Peasants, now scarce, could bargain for better terms and conditions; wages started to rise as feudal lords competed for workers. Thankfully, a much lower mortality rate means such a transformation is unlikely to follow coronavirus.”