AN alliance has been struck by two Scottish companies that brings together their respective strengths in call centre services and order fulfilment for e-commerce firms.

The deal sees Cumbernauld-based KBVO combine its "boutique" call-handling and order processing service with the distribution function that Linlithgow's PPF Shipping provides for clients like eBay, Amazon and Play.

The partnership will be formally launched at digital trade show Internet World at Earl's Court in London today, but a pilot has been taking place over the past year.

Chris Swainson, director at PPF Shipping, explained: "We were in a situation where our customers were asking us whether we had a call centre, and we kept having to say no. It meant we could not wrap up contracts as quickly as we would have liked. Now that we say we have a call centre, the world suddenly changes."

Chris Munro, director at KBVO, said the alliance means staff answering calls for clients have complete visibility on orders that have been placed.

An additional £400,000 in new business has been brought in across the two firms since the pilot began.

Mr Swainson said PPF brought in more than £1.2 million in 2012 and is on track to hit £2m this year. PPF now employs a full-time equivalent of 40 staff, compared with 10 three years ago.

Meanwhile KBVO expects turnover to grow from £300,000 last year to in excess of £450,000 this year.

Businesses in South Africa, Croatia and France have enquired about utilising the service. In spite of the success, KBVO and PPF have no immediate plans to formally merge.