By George!

BARONESS Margaret Ford took great delight in banging the gavel to open STV's annual general meeting.

"I've always wanted to do that," she confessed.

There were further laughs from the floor as Baroness Ford, who has been with STV since June last year, formally introduced the company's finance director.

"This is George and I'm sorry but I've completely forgotten your second name."

Mr Watt, who has been on the board since 2001, was among those smiling.

Happy banker

ANDREW Curry, regional director for Aldermore in Scotland, was in jovial spirits this week - and not just because he's pleased with the progress being made by the challenger bank north of the Border.

The Bottom Line met Mr Curry, a fan of Manchester City, on the morning David Moyes' miserable spell as manager of city rivals United was formally brought to a close.

In retrospect, we wonder if Tuesday, April 22, might have been a good day for clients to have renegotiated their invoice finance deals with the bank.

Project marriage

HELP might just be at hand for business types worried their dedication to work may be affecting their relationships.

Author Robert Kelsey's latest self-help book, Get things done: what stops smart people achieving more and how you can change, offers five tips to "help the driven stay happily married".

The Bottom Line does not doubt the motivation behind the advice, but is unsure whether is much romance in the invitation to "treat your marriage as a project".

Some more, please?

BACK to the STV AGM.

As the company formally introduced the resolution to approve its 2p per share dividend, the first payment since 2006, one shareholder shouted out: "I wish it could have been more".

Sugar's Euro vision

AMID the deluge of jokes on social media networks after David Moyes' dismissal at Old Trafford, we rather liked the offering from Sir Alan Sugar.

The former Tottenham Hotspur chairman and star of TV show The Apprentice tweeted that Moyes' successor should be Ukip leader Nigel Farage "to ensure Man U stay out of Europe".

Meanwhile, one wag pulled no punches in describing United's Phil Jones' loss of form during Moyes' tenure, noting he has "gone from Duncan Edwards to Duncan from (boy band) Blue" in the space of a season. Ouch.