Fairytale ending

Fairytale ending

IT would have been something of a surprise if Rupert Soames had not managed to squeeze in some quips during his 11th and final annual general meeting at Aggreko.

In his own style Mr Soames told shareholders the non-executives at the company had made sure governance at the temporary power supplier was strong but not too bureaucratic.

He said: "Just like the three bears and the porridge.

"Not too hot, not too cold, just right."

Black humour

THE Bottom Line was tickled by a recent pitch from a PR consultant to interview a company of funeral directors.

Referring to the current vibrancy of the market in Scotland, the PR said the funeral business was currently marked by its "stiff competition".

Sometimes the best lines are unintended.

That's entertainment

LEISURE entrepreneur Billy Lowe can't be accused of failing to do his research.

The Saltire Taverns boss revealed he embarked on work experience at the Soho Theatre in London and on Broadway, New York, to get a full understanding of what it takes to put on entertainment in his venues.

Saltire has since installed a 140-capacity theatre at its Le Monde hotel on Edinburgh's George Street, now an official Fringe event which will hold up to 200 events a year outside the August arts festival.

That's entertainment, as they say.

Power Games

BACK to the Aggreko AGM and Rupert Soames suggested the company's flatter performance in 2013 was partly due to "dismally failing" to persuade the authorities to hold the Olympics in London for a second year in a row.

Then, when asked if there were ways the company could improve its return on capital, he suggested urging shareholders to make sure management got up earlier, worked harder and went to bed later.

Be prepared

AVIVA'S latest survey of our family habits finds expectant mums had spent an average £1619 preparing for the arrival of their first baby.

More than a quarter had changed their car and 20% had moved house.

Less than one in five had taken out any insurance.

Aviva's protection director says it's only natural to want to throw money at your baby "but it's also important to think about planning for the unexpected".

The authority in question is revealed as Louise Colley, who is mother to six-year-old twins.