Cash is still king

Cash is still king

HUGH Andrew, managing director of Edinburgh's Birlinn publishing house, has no doubt about what is the main ingredient of a successful business.

At last week's launch of Ian Fraser's book Shredded, the inside story of RBS' downfall, the publisher invited his guests from the worlds of finance and media to buy special offer copies of the book which the author stood ready to sign. "We don't take CDOs [collaterised debt obligations]," he announced. "Only cash. That's why Birlinn is in business and RBS collapsed."

Travails of travel

NEXT time The Bottom Line moan's about its commute remind us to keep quiet. A note in Edrington Group's annual report shows Paul Ross, president for the Americas, racked up 75,000 miles of travel between January and April this year as the spirits company opened a number of new offices.

He said: "It's all about the shoe leather. The US isn't really one market."

Hopefully those frequent flyer points keep him in nice hotels.

Merry jig in Poland

SCOTLAND is good at tourism but is a rival stealing a march - or rather a dance?

Step forward our personal finance contributor Helen Pridham, based in the south but an avid Scottish country dancing fan, who is just back from a week in Poland.

Not content with visiting the salt mine at Krakow, in production until 20 years ago, Helen signed up with "a group of Brits, French, Japanese, Danish - and a few Poles" to dance the Gay Gordons and Dashing White Sergeant several hundred metres underground in the mine.

It was laid on by the Scottish Country Dancing Club of Krakow - of course!

Rock dinosaurs

ONE in five over-50s will be rocking at a music festival this summer, if you believe Saga, which surveyed more than 10,000 customers.

"With hundreds of exciting festivals taking place, it's little wonder that so many members of the Saga generation are rolling back the years to party," says the insurer, adding: "It shouldn't be a surprise that so many festival-goers are over 50, as a large number of bands playing are in the same age group."

Given that Mick Jagger is now a great-grandfather, it would be good to know just how many outdoor party animals are over 70.