ARRIA NLG is working with a partner in the aviation industry to see whether its technology can be applied to compile reports from the data generated by jet engines.

The AIM-listed business declined to name the partner it is collaborating with, only saying it is a company that provides power systems controls intelligence.

The proof of concept agreement which has been struck will see Arria's natural language generation tools, based on research from Aberdeen University and capable of turning raw data into readable reports, used to provide narrative summaries from engines on the wings of planes.

These summaries can then be used by airlines to book in maintenance or refurbishment of the engines at the optimal times. Arria believes this will lead to lower costs for airlines.

Stuart Rogers, chairman and chief executive, said: "This is an exciting development for Arria in that this POC Agreement will leverage our extensive work with complex rotating equipment in the oil and gas industry, developing applications in the aviation industry that will deliver efficiency gains and other cost benefits.

"Given turbines are such critical and widely deployed pieces of equipment in so many major industries this agreement represents a significant opportunity to extend the reach of Arria's NLG applications. Following a successful pilot application our intention is to progress to revenue earning contracts with this important new client."