Pyramid Travel Products, which employs 35 in the Scottish Borders making insect repellents, is targeting high street retail sales in the UK.

The company expects to increase its £3million turnover by 25 per cent this year, adding a further five staff, as it embarks on a marketing drive.

The company's Nicola Cameron said specialist products were becoming more popular. "Traditionally people have used insect repellent for exotic foreign trips but we think there's huge potential for growth for those taking UK and European holidays."

She went on: "Bites from mosquitoes, midges and ticks affect tens of thousands of people every year. You'll never hear anyone with anything good to say about the great Scottish midge for example, but few people prepare properly to stop themselves from being bitten."

The family-owned company's own research found 43per cent of parents saying they have been bitten by an insect or mosquito while on holiday, while 15 per cent of tourists admit to overpaying for repellent products at the airport.

Pyramid has appointed Kieron MacKenzie as sales manager to boost its presence in the outdoor retail industry. Mr MacKenzie, who has 28 years' experience in the sector and has himself led expeditions to locations including Mount Everest, said: "It's an exciting time to be getting involved with a company which has set itself ambitious growth targets in an expanding market.

"With an emphasis placed on research and development our range is constantly evolving, meaning consumers get the best product at competitive prices.

"My immediate priority will be to increase our presence on the high street and I'm looking forward to selling the brand to retailers across the UK in 2015."