Scottish seed potato exports are booming, with the latest figures indicating that 2014/15 has been a record breaking season for the industry.

Already 81,969 tonnes of seed have been exported to non-EU countries - and with the season running from July to June there could be up to another 3,000t to add to that figure based on previous years. The current figure is already up 4,000t on 2013/14's final total of almost 78,000.

Scotland exports a total of 300,000t of seed potatoes annually. In addition to the 78,000t exported to non-EU destinations, Scotland sells between 20 and 30,000t to the EU, while the rest are sold to the UK and home markets.

The Scottish seed potato sector is valued at around £80-100m, with 75 per cent of UK seed potato production taking place in Scotland and 80 per cent of UK seed potato exports coming from Scotland.

Scottish Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead said: "This is a great result of strong collaboration between our exporters, the Potato Council and the Scottish Government working together to nurture existing markets and, importantly, to develop new ones.

"Scottish seed potatoes are exported to more than 25 countries outside of the UK - something that comes on the back of our high plant health status and world-wide reputation as a producer of quality seed."

Market round-up

United Auctions sold 903 store heifers at Stirling on Wednesday to a top of 309.1p per kg and an average of 234.5p (+2.3p on the week), while 1421 store, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 308.9p and levelled at 248p (+7.2p). Fifty-three store, B&W bullocks sold to 172.8p and averaged 171.4p (-1p).

In the rough ring 173 cows averaged 131.4p.

The Cumberland and Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart had 30 prime cattle forward in Dumfries on Wednesday when heifers sold to 234.5p and averaged 188.9p, while bullocks peaked at 209.5p and levelled at 180p.

There were 60 OTM cattle presented in the rough ring when beef cows averaged 135.7p and dairy cows levelled at 107.2p.

The firm also sold 983 prime hoggs to a top of £100 per head and 221p per kg to average 194.5p (+2.3p).

The 378 cast sheep forward saw heavy ewes sell to £146 for a Suffolk and average £104.72 (+£23.35), while light ewes peaked at £103.50 for Cheviots and levelled at £63.63 (+21p).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 1597 prime hoggs to a top of £105 and 231.3p to average 191.3p (-0.8p).

There were also 187 cast sheep forward when ewes sold to £130 for Texels and £92 for Blackfaces.