What is it?

Application to bolster the recollection of information.

How will it change my life?

Like the charges levelled at many beleaguered men folk the length and breadth of the country, it has been claimed that I possess a selective memory.

Forgotten errands, misplaced keys and delayed text responses have seen me dispatched to the doghouse on so many occasions that I've started paying rent at the local kennels.

While it is impossible to combat this apparently intrinsic flaw in genetic make-up completely, there are several apps to help make life easier. Among the best around at present is Instant Recall which provides detailed note-taking capabilities on individuals in your contacts.

Good points?

Imagine meeting an important business acquaintance who during conversation mentions the names of his/her children, raft of hobbies and favourite bands, then - with the swipe of a button - being able to revisit and utilise this trivia two years later in a sales pitch or job interview. Talk about gaining a competitive edge.

Now picture being able to do likewise when it comes to all the tedious pieces of information which tend to go in one ear and straight out the other (Mrs D's detailed instructions/unwieldy shopping lists).

Phone contacts are automatically synchronised to the app which is perfect for those working in a large corporate environment where global address lists can be accessed and downloaded.

Voice recognition is pretty standard these days, but Instant Recall does a great job of harnessing this technology without much frustration.

Bad points?

Although the app's functionality has been developed well and will certainly enhance your daily connections, there are still a few missed beats that could have provided a more intuitive experience.

These include reminders and internet search integration such as Google alerts for updated information on your contacts and the companies they work for.

Best for ...

Business people who rely on making a positive impression in very short time windows. Husbands trying not to spend all of their time in doghouse.

Avoid if ...

You just want to remember your partner's birthday or other dates. There are better apps and ways to accomplish this.

Score: 9/10, proving that even the most trivial piece of information on the right person can make a difference.

Instant Recall, free (instantrecall.io)