Quite possibly one of the biggest moments in the tech industry for many years has just happened - and it’s done so almost completely unnoticed thus far.

When you try to think of what could be the biggest name in the tech industry, generally people either go with Google or Apple. Sure there are plenty of others, from Samsung, to Sony, to Microsoft and so on, but with Apple being the richest company on the planet, and Google being one that infiltrates almost every single corner of almost every tech-connected person in the world, these are the two biggest names.

Google, once a humble search engine started in the garage of two low-key college graduates has grown to become a world leader in so so many tech sectors. From internet search, to email, to robotics, to mobile phones, to artificial intelligence - and that’s just to name a very small number of the pies Google has its fingers in - Google really is one of the biggest, most present companies in the world. Since its inception, it’s been headed by either one, or both, of its co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It has been the parent company of so many other companies and projects and ideas between both itself and its more secretive underground sibling Google [X]. It is a household name for billions of us. And now, it’s no longer the parent company, and Larry and Sergey are (technically) no longer the CEOs. Former Android and Chrome (both Google’s) CEO Sundar Pichai will now take over as Google Inc CEO.

There’s a new name in town. One we will, over the coming months and years and most likely decades, begin to know more and more - Alphabet (Alphabet Inc).

Founded August 10th 2015, the company’s Wikipedia page is very bare as this goes to press - no more than 30 words all in all. That will change - dramatically - as time passes. What is currently nothing more than an empty shell - just like its Wikipedia page - Alphabet will soon become the parent company of one of the biggest tech empires on earth. It will own Google, YouTube, Nest Labs, Calico, Google [X], Google Ventures and far more than one can list in a single article.

Some may see it as nothing more than a company restructure, but knowing Google’s co-founders, something this major doesn’t happen without good reason.

Alphabet Inc, I believe, will grow to become one of the biggest names in tech, just like its founding father, and now offspring, Google, before it. Shareholders of Google Inc will have their shares transferred to an equal amount of Alphabet Inc shares and Alphabet will take Google’s place on the global stock markets. According to Larry Page, CEO, Alphabet will allow him and Sergey (President) to grow Google’s wide variety of services, projects and companies - some so very different from one another - by dividing them into their own companies with their own CEOs to focus on running them, with Larry and Sergey on hand to offer assistance where needed. Big(ger) things will come from Alphabet Inc than even Google have done in the past. It will be exciting to watch it does in the coming years.

In the meantime, a full statement from Larry Page can be found at the parent company’s new website, the rather snazzy-sounding abc.xyz.