A NEW Scottish business has launched with ambitions of helping businesses bypass Apple’s “app store”.

Beezer is a technology start-up that aims to help small and medium sized enterprises (SME) make the most out of mobile app investments, by offering a model that enables business owners and marketing managers to create and launch their own app for a monthly fee.

The company’s founder and chief executive Brian Smilie said businesses were drawn into front-ending their investment with high development costs for a “nice, shiny app” and leaving no funds to market it.

“Beezer means you can build your app this morning then launch it to your entire database this afternoon without the need for costly developers or an app store that is going to take 30 per cent of your resulting revenues,” he said.

Mr Smilie said the Beezer team is also solving a long-running problem with apps whereby sharing is only possible when operating systems are compatible. The Beezer platform also allows you to distribute and track the performance of your app through its built-in analytics platform.

Apps created using Beezer have the ability to be shared through SMS, email and social media across any platform and device.

“Overall, the current system is massively underperforming – and getting worse - and we want to give the power back to SMEs,” he said.

Steve Leach, Bigmouthmedia founder and an investor in Beezer, said: “The problem Beezer is solving is one around how to economically build and then market apps to the advantage of the business. It’s been a problem since App Stores came about and what Brian and the team have come up with in terms of sharing across multiple platforms is a pioneering solution in the space, a solution that could transform how small to medium-sized enterprises drive business growth via mobile applications.”