A BLEND of Scotch and Japanese whiskies inspired by famous Scottish merchant Thomas Blake Glover has released its third edition amid high demand for the range in export markets.

The Glover 18, which marries mature malts from the Longmorn and Glen Garioch distilleries in Scotland with rare whisky from the Hanyu distillery in Japan, is the latest in a series of whiskies honouring Glover, who became known as the “Scottish samurai”.

Glover was the first foreigner to receive the Order of the Rising Sun in recognition of the impact he made on the modernisation of Japan in the 19th century.

Edinburgh-based TBG & Co, which created the range, reported promising interest in the latest edition. It expects The Glover 18, which should sell for around £145 per bottle, to be exported to more than 15 countries, with a significant percentage of the 1,448 bottles likely to be sold in Japan.

The previous two editions of The Glover sold out quickly after their launch in October.

Only 373 bottles of the 22-year-old, which retailed at around £1050 per bottle in stores such as Harrods, were released. The 1,500 bottles of the 14-year-old sold at around £100 each.

TBG & Co director David Moore said The Glover, bottled by

Fife-based Adelphi, has shown there is strong demand for products which fuse Scotch with whiskies from elsewhere in the world. Mr Moore, who sits

on the board of The Craft Beer Clan of Scotland, said: “We

knew the idea behind The

Glover was a strong one, but we’re still overwhelmed by the international interest the fusion whisky garnered, both for its concept as well as its look, aroma and taste.”

TBG & Co plans to launch further fusions of Scotch with international whiskies, with its team researching other historical characters for inspiration.