ABERDEENSHIRE craft-beer firm BrewDog has begun scouting for locations for a brewery in Australia after appointing its former HR director to lead its activities in the country.

Australian native Zarah Prior, who was head of people at the firm’s Ellon headquarters between 2013 and 2016, is looking to engage with local communities in Brisbane and Newcastle to help identify the most suitable site for the operation.

In particular, the firm is looking for input on which councils would be most open to its investment and how to navigate local planning regualtions.

“We are open to redeveloping an existing industrial site with a 2,000 to 4,000 square metre built-up facility, or alternatively a plot of land able to comfortably accommodate a new build of that size with expansion capabilities in the future,” Ms Prior said.

“What’s non-negotiable is finding the right community where BrewDog’s hardcore values and punk attitude will be fully embraced.”

The Australian move comes after the firm, which earlier this year was valued at £1 billion after selling a stake to private equity house TSG Consumer Partners, began production at its newly built American site in June. It also plans to expand into Asia, where it distributes to China, Japan and South Korea.