ARENSIS, a provider of off-grid energy generation, has acquired the Verdo pellet plant in Grangemouth, as an “important” part of a wider £50 million UK investment plan.

The Los Angeles-based group said the deal would give it a sustainable, carbon-neutral fuel supply for its biomass energy generation.

Arensis provides off-grid, sustainable, carbon neutral energy generation to customers in the US, UK, Indonesia, India, Philippines and Japan.

With 185 power systems in operation across the UK, Arensis delivers 85 per cent of all small-scale biomass generation in the country.

The Verdo pellet plant, purchased from Verdo Renewables, creates more than 60,000 tonnes of wood pellets sourced from local timber per year. Arensis will install 30 biomass generators at the pellet plant site itself, to power manufacturing operations.

The company confirmed it will maintain all jobs at the plant, and hopes to boost job numbers in the near future.

Julien Uhlig, chief executive of Arensis, said: “This development is really significant for our business growth in the UK, and for our ability to help UK companies cut their emissions. Verdo’s pellets are by far the best we tested in the UK, offering about 20 per cent more energy over imported pellets.”