LAWRIE & Symington Ltd held its annual Christmas show and sale of prime cattle when the championship was awarded to a Limousin cross heifer from David Dickinson, Brockwoodlees, Canonbie that fetched the top price of 350p per kg.

Overall 35 prime heifers averaged 256.8p, while 13 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 320p and levelled at 256p. Eight prime, B&W bullocks sold to 147.5p and averaged 147.2p.

In the rough ring 70 beef cows averaged 125p (+5p on the week) and 51 dairy cows levelled at 90p (-1p).

There were also 2,369 prime lambs forward that sold to £104.50 per head and 233.3p per kg to average 179.4p (+6.9p).

A large show of cast sheep saw 287 heavy ewes sell to £146.50 for a Texel and average £61.01, while 558 light/export-type ewes peaked at £70.50 for Cheviots and levelled at £50.50.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 2082 prime lambs at Ayr yesterday to a top of £95 and 200p to average 174.5p (+4.1p). The auctioneer reports that the average would have been higher if it hadn't been for the large number of Mules and small Euro lambs forward.

A large show of 888 cast sheep were slightly cheaper on the week with heavy ewes selling to £145.50 for a pen of Texels and averaging £69.14, while light ewes peaked at £57 for Blackfaces and levelled at £36.12.

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold 53 prime heifers in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 270p and an average of 229p (-6p), while 15 prime bullocks peaked at 248p and levelled at 221p (-2p).

In the rough ring 109 beef cows sold to 170p and averaged 126p (-7p).

There were also 1,801 prime lambs that sold to £120 and 230.7p to average 176p (+10p).

A nice show of 419 cast sheep saw heavy ewes sell to £95 for Texels and average £79, while light ewes peaked at £80 for Cheviots and levelled at £44.

The firm also held their Christmas show and sale in Carlisle yesterday when 15 prime heifers sold to 299.5p and averaged 241.9p (+34.4p), while 18 prime bullocks peaked at 257.5p and levelled at 236.3p (+27.2p). Thirty-two prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 240.5p and averaged 199.9p (+5p), while 29 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 192.5p and levelled at 164.7p (+4.8p).

In the rough ring 146 beef cows sold to 219.5p and averaged 132.3p (+4.8p), while 205 dairy cows peaked at 145.5p and levelled at 92.7p (-7.5p).

There were also 2,236 prime lambs that sold to £250 and 632.9p to average 185.1p (+8.4p).

One-hundred-and-five heavy cast ewes sold to £115.50 for Texels and averaged £74.19, while 74 light ewes peaked at £71.50 for Cheviots and levelled at £37.02.