What is it?

A feature-packed, all-weather activity jacket.

If you are weary of being cooped up indoors exercising at the gym and yearn to enjoy some fresh air, choosing the right attire to help face and fend off the inclement weather is vital.

For those who aspire to a decent balance of protection and breathability in their clothing, the Saxon jacket from Fife-based Keela might be just the ticket.

The Flylite Aqua waterproof fabric provides a sufficient barrier to withstand harsh downpours while circulating enough air to remain cool and comfortable.

Good Points?

The oversized hood has been developed for cyclists to cover their helmets and this works extremely well. Traditionally if you wanted to protect your head from rain either a cap or helmet cover would be essential. While both would do a great job, you would likely end up with a noggin drenched in sweat into the bargain.

Having air flow between the hood and helmet makes for a more pleasant ride and means you can arrive at your destination feeling fresh.

The scooped design at the back helps guard from soggy bottom syndrome which can occur with wheel spray from the bike or foot pick-up while running. This is a real bonus as many active wear manufacturers forget this vital area.

Additional features include adjustable cuffs, reflective trim and three zipped pockets.

Bad points?

Very few. But remember it's a thin shell so layering up underneath is essential.

Best for ...

Urban and rural adventurers who crave being outdoors all year round.

Avoid if ...

Binging box sets in the warmth until spring arrives is more your speed.

Score: 9/10.

Keela Saxon jacket, £104.95 (keela.co.uk)