HARRISON & Hetherington Ltd sold 60 store heifers in Lockerbie yesterday to a top of 280.3p per kg and an average of 233.8p (+6.9p on the fortnight), while 84 store bullocks peaked at 287.8p and levelled at 251.9p (+10p).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 15 prime heifers at Ayr yesterday to a top of 257p per kg and an average of 227.2p.

The firm also had 172 beef-breeding cattle forward when the top prices and averages were as follows: Heifers with calf-at-foot to £2100 and averaged £1750 for 9; cows with calves £1850 and £1290 for 13; in-calf heifers £1250 and £1233 for 11; bulling heifers £1400 and £1114.23 for 130; bulls to 2800 guineas for a Limousin and averaged £1843.33 for 9.

There were also 4 dairy cattle that sold to £1180 and averaged £1099.

Wallets Marts sold 110 prime hoggs in Castle Douglas yesterday to a top of £143 per head and 256.9p per kg to average 205p (-21.8p on the week).

There were also 85 heavy cast ewes forward that sold to £116 for Texels and averaged £78.55, while 92 light/export-type ewes peaked at £77 for Blackfaces and levelled at £48.86.