WALLETS Marts sold 170 store heifers in Castle Douglas yesterday to a top of £1,210 per head and 277.2p per kg to average £813.38 and 222p (-8p on the fortnight), while 186 store bullocks peaked at £1,350 and 300p to level at £893.41 and 236.6p (-2.1p).

The firm also held a sale of beef-breeding cattle when 28 heifers with calf-at-foot sold to £2,250 and averaged £1,731.05, while 37 bulling heifers peaked at £1,120 and levelled at £883.51.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 1109 prime hoggs at Ayr yesterday to a top of £144 per head and 288p per kg to average 222.4p (-22.2p on the week), while 32 prime lambs peaked at £150 and 340.9p to level at 295.6p (+17.9p).

A larger show of cast sheep saw 325 heavy ewes average £87.50 and 373 light/export-type ewes level at £60.20.

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold 26 prime heifers in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 246p and an average of 226p (-5p), while 22 prime bullocks peaked at 240p and levelled at 220.1p (-3p).

In the rough ring 37 beef cows averaged 149p (no change).

There were also 1086 prime hoggs that sold to £163 and 280p to average 245.8p (+9p), while nine prime lambs peaked at £143 and 311p to level at 303p (n/c).

The 395 cast sheep forward saw heavy ewes average £104 and light ewes level at £64.