MESSRS Craig Wilson Ltd sold 78 store heifers in Newton Stewart on Friday to a top of £1,200 per head and 232.5p per kg to average 211.7p (-8.5p on the Fair Day Sale held on April 13), while 145 store, beef-bred bullocks peaked at £1170 and 272.2p to level at 228.6p (-1.8p). Fourteen store, dairy-bred bullocks sold to £900 and 187p to average 177.2p (+6.4p).

Wallets Marts sold 25 store heifers in Castle Douglas yesterday to a top of £1,080 and 270.4p to average £716 and 246p (+24p on the fortnight), while 53 store bullocks peaked at £1,210 and 290p to level at £869 and 238p (+1.4p).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 799 prime hoggs at Ayr yesterday to a top of £135 per head and 279.4p per kg to average 225.4p (-4p on the week), while a plain show of 70 prime lambs peaked at £135 and 319.1p to level at 271p (-13p).

The cast sheep forward met a slightly cheaper trade on the week with 239 heavy cast ewes selling to £143.50 for Texels and averaging £81.80, while 108 light/export-type ewes peaked at £81.50 for Blackfaces and levelled at £50.08.

Harrison & Hetherington Ltd sold 45 prime heifers in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 247p and an average of 225p (-4p), while 15 prime bullocks peaked at 246p and levelled at 222p (-6p). Three prime bulls sold to 218p and averaged 186p (no comparison).

In the rough ring 52 beef cows sold to 187p and averaged 150p (-4p).

There were also 421 prime hoggs that sold to £195 and 281p to average 220p (-25p), while 126 prime lambs peaked at £159 and 337p to level at 289p (-6.5p).

The 245 cast sheep forward saw heavy ewes sell to £157 for Charollais and average £116, while light ewes peaked at £109 for Cheviots and levelled at £69.

The firm also sold 17 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 237.5p and an average of 180.4p (-21p), while 40 prime bullocks peaked at 231.5p and levelled at 209.2p (-4.8p). Forty-two prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 244.5p and averaged 200.7p (-1.5p), while 37 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 188.5p and levelled at 163p (-0.1p).

In the rough ring 112 beef cows sold to 225.5p and averaged 152.6p (+3.3p), while 142 dairy cows peaked at 162.5p and levelled at 120.6p (+6.3p). Twelve bulls sold to 200.5p and averaged 145.7p (+8.1p).

There were also 1068 prime hoggs that sold to £123.80 and 273.3p to average 220.7p (-23p), while 177 prime lambs peaked at £155.80 and 317p to level at 280.2p (-19p).

A nice show of 168 heavy cast ewes sold to £117.50 for a Suffolk and averaged £93.12, while 68 light ewes peaked at £89.50 for Hill Cheviots and levelled at £39.55.