A GLASGOW-based firm has launched a wearable LED light device for fans in time for the football World Cup kicking off today, that can also be used by festival-goers and audiences at other live sporting and cultural events.

Myflag has been launched by Versatile LED, founded by Haseeb Ibrahim and Sandeep Singh in 2014 to help enhance event experience with user-controlled LED gadgets.

The firm said Myflag helps fans enhance their presence in and outside stadiums from a small, but powerful, rechargeable, user-controlled gadget. It said the device takes the “light ritual” at some live events of holding up mobile phones, and previously lighters, into a new era.

With up to 50 flags programmed and the ability to personalise the display, Versatile LED said Myflag allows fans to engage and be part of the sports action. As well as displaying their team’s flag, the device can display one colour block, such as red or yellow, to represent the card the fan thinks the referee should issue.

The firm, based in Govan’s Rookie Oven co-working space for tech start-ups, had a ‘soft launch’ of Myflag a few weeks ago through its social media and has sold more than 100 devices.

Myflag is Versatile LED’s first product launch. The firm said it said it is the first to market the concept and has trademarked ‘Myflag’.

It has not yet sold any devices specifically for the FIFA World Cup, but the firm said Myflag is proving popular among the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) community.

As well as the rainbow flag, each part of the LGBT community has its own flag and people are buying the LED device to wear at events such as Pride festivals. In response to demand, the company has set up a specific 'Myprideflag' section of its website.

The company is now targeting the Glasgow Pride Festival and Parade on 14 and 15 July to generate advance sales through its social media and on the ground during the event.

As well as Myflag for the World Cup and for the LGBT community, there is also a European version of the device.

The firm employs four staff and has plans to recruit six more over the next 12 months, including a web developer and brand ambassadors.

Versatile LED said Myflag is part of a growing trend of LED devices that improve fan experience and interaction, as seen at this year’s Super Bowl in the US when the crowd formed part of the light show.

It said the global sports merchandise market is growing and is estimated to be worth more than $46 billion by 2026 and that LED products are only just emerging in the sector.

It added that Myflag’s underlying technology was invented by Mr Singh’s late father. Mr Singh and Mr Ibrahim said they have now successfully put Myflag into production following years of development.

A Myflag device costs £24.99 and can be shipped in the UK within a day, and across Europe. It is a standalone device operated by buttons on the gadget that comes with a lanyard so it can be worn around people’s necks or on arms.

Haseeb Ibrahim, Versatile LED co-founder and former events promoter, said: "The events of tomorrow will be brightly lit, colourful, interactive experiences. Using a phone light will be inadequate and freebies like LED wands and bands are not environmentally friendly."