What is it?

A solar-powered automatic garden plant watering system.

Flopro has recognised the need for smart and hassle-free irrigation which every garden and allotment owner can easily install and operate themselves.

Good Points?

The Eco Smart Watering 12 is straightforward to set up as there are no electrical outlet cables involved; everything is powered from three AA rechargeable batteries in the main controller unit.

A solar panel allows the system to determine the weather conditions and whether your plants need extra water. In short, the more the sun shines, the more it waters meaning you can go on holiday knowing your plants will be watered every three hours.

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Water supply can come from any standing container such as a standard garden barrel or converted bin (a full 200-litre receptacle should last around three weeks). You can collect rain water which negates the need for too much manual interference.

The 15 metres of irrigation tubing is more than adequate to manage small to medium sized gardens with one kit. Precise distribution and placement of the 12 drippers will cater well for pots and hanging baskets as well as raised beds and greenhouses.

The water level sensor detects when the supply is falling low and emits an audible warning during daylight hours.

Bad points?

I found no significant issues after the first week of usage.

Best for ...

Those with busy schedules who can't commit to a manual watering routine.

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Avoid if ...

Getting hands-on with the garden hose is one of your favourite outdoor jobs.

Score: 9/10.

Flopro Irrigatia Eco Smart Watering 12, £99.99, available in-store from Dobbies (dobbies.com)