A Glasgow-based craft brewer, which started production last year, plans to invest in expansion as it targets the UK and overseas markets.

The Merchant City Brewing Co. was founded in November 2016 by Douglas Wheatley and Allan Rimmer. Its head office is in The Italian Centre in the Merchant City and it started production at its brewery in the Maryhill area of Glasgow last September after it appointed Adam Grey as head brewer.

On the back of generating orders for its range of products since its launch, the company now plans to add a new tank facility and has instructed consultants to look at the feasibility of building a separate bottling plant which could also be used by other brewers.

Mr Wheatley said: “New tank storage will enable us to increase production. And Johnston Carmichael is doing a feasibility study on a new bottling plant to help us build a case for going ahead. It would be for our own beer and for other small breweries.”

The Merchant City Brewing Co. also has plans for a pop-up pub in shipping containers at Osborne Street in the centre of Glasgow.

In the longer term, it hopes to relocate to new purpose-built premises as it ups production and adds other facilities, including attractions for the public.

Mr Wheatley added: “We are currently looking for a site for a new brewery in Glasgow. We would like to have built new bespoke premises within two years, with bigger production, a visitor centre and a tap bar.”

Mr Wheatley, who has had a long career in property investment, particularly around Glasgow, and is a director of Dunvale Investments, said: “The Merchant City is in our blood. We don’t think any other independent brewery has the same attachment to Glasgow and such a strong Glaswegian identity.”

Since Merchant City Brewery Co. launched it has gradually been growing.

The first six months in business were spent developing recipes, brand and brewery production. By the end of last year listings had been secured with a number of retailers along with safe and local supplier (SALSA) accreditation.

In February a business development manager was appointed along with two sales consultants. The firm now has eight employees.

The brand is now available in more than 60 outlets including Majestic Wines, Good Spirits Co and Peckham’s, two wholesale distribution listings have also been secured and Aldi supermarket is taking its products.

It has recently been shortlisted in three business and six beer categories in the Aldi Scottish beer awards.

Mr Grey is up for emerging brewer and the firm is up for breakthrough brewery and excellence in marketing.

Mr Grey is a graduate from Heriot-Watt’s Brewing and Distilling school. He previously worked for Windswept Brewing Co in Lossiemouth, Stewart Brewing in Edinburgh, Eden Mill in St Andrews, where he was responsible for gin and whisky, and most recently Knops Beer Co in East Lothian.

The company’s core products include Vienna Lager, American Pale Ale, IPA, Unit 1 Red Ale and Light Ale. Small batches are also produced such as, as kiwi & lime and huell melon kettle sour.

The company has also produced own label bottles for special events such as the Glasgow Short Film Festival which it sponsored. It is involved in a number of a number of festivals and events over the summer months, including the Merchant City Festival.

As well as offering its own branded products, the firm found a brewery for sale in Devon and bought its intellectual property, including its Big Rabbit Brew brand of beers, and equipment and brought it to Glasgow.

It is targeting Europe with the Big Rabbit lines, with a focus initially on the France, in particular skiing areas where it wants to appeal to the après ski market.