IN a post-Brexit environment, Scotland must be well-positioned to compete on a global stage. We need to pull economic levers that will increase the number of Scottish exporters and inward investment. Pro-business measures such as reducing and abolishing air passenger duty, reducing the cost of doing business and investing in digital broadband infrastructure, will demonstrate Scottish and UK Government’s commitment to our business communities.

Last week’s proposals unveiled by the UK Government on our future relationship with the European Union (EU) provided much-needed clarity, and a sense of business certainty, albeit muted. Of course, the devil will be in the detail and the UK Government's White Paper will need to spell out more detail around how Scotland, and indeed the UK's globally recognised services sector will operate once the UK has exited the EU. Early indications show the proposals are business-friendly, which is a step forward and will help industry to plan and make decisions.

Maintaining a common rulebook for all goods with the EU and frictionless borders are proposals welcomed by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce network, and we will work with the UK Government to achieve these aims, making it as easy as possible for businesses to continue trading with the EU. The setting up of a UK mobility framework, allowing UK & EU citizens to travel, study and work, will need to adopt a level of agility and flexibility, which responds to business need and market demand. With Scottish employment at record highs, it is critical that our businesses continue to have the ability to attract a steady in-flow of talent critical to many of Scotland's industries, including agriculture, hospitality and tourism. Regardless of who is leading these negotiations, UK and European leaders must play their part and approach these negotiations with an open mind, placing job creation and economic growth at the centre of any new relationship between the UK and the EU.

Closer to home, the Scottish Government Cabinet’s reshuffle, has shown early indications that business growth and job creation will continue to be placed at the heart of Government strategy, with a palpable sense of accelerated pace of engaging and working with business. The Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board is already seeing the benefits of closer collaboration across private and public sector, with more collaboration than ever before. To take advantage of business opportunities, domestically and internationally, we will all need to pick up the pace. As Ministers get to grips with their portfolios over the summer, a clear focus on implementing strategy and delivering results must be paramount, enabling increased economic performance and putting more money into the pockets of individuals across Scotland.

There are immense opportunities out there for business. Getting our future relationship right with the EU and securing domestic policy wins, will equip and empower Scottish business communities to embrace opportunities with confidence and courage, ultimately, winning for Scotland.

Liz Cameron is chief executive of Scottish Chambers of Commerce

Liz Cameron: Right Brexit deal is vital if business is to seize opportunities