A mood of growing confidence in regenerated Dundee has prompted a motor group to take on a new Volvo dealership in the city.

The John Clark Motor Group has announced the acquisition and opening of Volvo Cars in Dundee at MacAdam Place, which was previously based at Riverside Drive.

The firm said the new addition, acquired for an undisclosed sum, further enhances the groups relationship with the brand, after the acquisition of Volvo Cars in Edinburgh.

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Chris Clark, group managing director, said: “We are looking forward to opening a new home for Volvo Cars in Dundee and welcoming customers to the showroom, as well as some of the existing Volvo Dundee staff into the John Clark Motor Group.

"They are a brilliant team of people and we intend to invest in further training to ensure they are confident with the products and the systems to ensure a seamless transition of the business.”

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The Aberdeen-based firm also said it "recognised Dundee as a place that sees the benefits of significant public and private sector investment", adding: "The changing for the future initiative from Dundee City Council, including the soon to open Victoria & Albert Museum, has led to not just dramatic physical changes in the city centre but also a mood of growing confidence in the local community.

"Following on from acquisition of Volvo Cars Edinburgh earlier this year we are delighted to add a second Volvo dealership to our franchise portfolio."