Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 12 prime heifers at Ayr yesterday to a top of £1349.60 per head and 241p per kg to average £1154.45 and 217p, while 3 prime bullocks peaked at £1392 and 240p to level at £1232.78 and 222.1p. A couple of prime bulls averaged £1238.45 or 213.5p.

In the rough ring 65 beef cows sold to £1290 and 166.2p to average 121.6p, while 79 dairy cattle peaked at £1000 and 123.5p to level at 98.4p. Eight bulls sold to ££1300 and 167.7p to average 125.3p, while 7 clean OTM cattle peaked at £1130 and 183.7p to level at 142.6p.

The firm also sold 8 dairy cattle to a top of £1880 for an Ayrshire heifer and an average of £1333.

Wallets Marts sold 681 prime lambs in Castle Douglas yesterday to a top of £91 per head and 204.1p per kg to average £74.95 and 181.7p (-2p on the week).

There was also a larger show of cast sheep when lighter, leaner ewes were a much easier trade. The 351 heavy cast ewes forward sold to £93 for Bluefaced Leicesters and averaged £58.85, while 71 light/export-type ewes peaked at £58 for Blackfaces and levelled at £28.38.