GLASGOW software experts have linked with a South African social enterprise that is helping hundreds of thousands of young people find work.

Govan Road-based Caseblocks' job-matching algorithms platform will be used by the Harambee social enterprise to help connect 500,000 young people with money-making roles by 2022.

The Caseblocks adaptive platform manages the complex processes involved in candidate recruitment such as searching, training, selection and job placement.

The system works by matching new candidates who come forward for help from across South Africa to roles with partner firms such as Volkswagen and Hilton.

After training and interview they either go into the job or are redirected to another post.

They stay in the system for when they move to another job and can go through the pairing process again.

The enterprise is part of a push to reduce the 50 per cent youth unemployment in the country.


Ijonas Kisselbach, co-founder and chief technology officer of Caseblocks, pictured above said the “entire team is highly motivated and driven by the shared goal”.

Evan Jones, of Harambee, said that as it “places more people into employment, the system will scale and adapt to better identify opportunities for placing more young people into work”.