What is it?

An ultra-portable gadget charger from Iceworks.

Good Points?

Most power banks trade portability for battery capacity which is acceptable for laptop users with ample space in their backpack to lug everything around. Iceworks has created the thinnest charger on the market that will slide easily into most pockets.

The device is 8mm thick, 15.5cm in length with a width of 7.8cm and weighs 160g which is impressive for a pack holding a charge capacity of 7000mAh. This effectively gives the average smartphone 150 to 200 per cent more usage longevity.

A built-in USB-C cable is conveniently located on the edge of the device which means you don't need to worry about losing it. This is an approach which has been tried by other companies in the past with varying degrees of success yet Iceworks has managed the perfect blend of cable length and position.

Fast charging capabilities are also available for supported smartphones which is standard for most modern handsets with USB-C input interfaces.

The smart design of the product is extended to intuitive charge level LEDs which lets you know how much power is left and when to re-charge for optimal performance.

The launch price of £23.95 (currently on sale for £19.99) is a bargain given everything it does. The regular retail price will be £49.99.

Bad points?

The attached USB-C cable can be a tad stiff to de-latch from its housing port but that should ease with use.

Best for ...

Those with Android devices who need quick and efficient charging through their phone's USB-C port.

Avoid if ...

You are an iPhone user that utilises the proprietary Lightening cable port.

Score: 9/10.

Iceworks 7000 Portable Charger, £19.99 (Amazon.co.uk)