What is it?

A smart bicycle bell that combines satnav with a crowd-learning route planner.

Good Points?

Similar to the automotive navigation app Waze, Blubel utilises its companion smartphone programme to crowdsource data from a community of users then automatically shares cycle-friendly routes – as well as any potential hazards best avoided.

This is particularly helpful in urban environments where roadworks and traffic on tight streets can be problematic for those travelling by bike.

Ringing the bell allows you to add to the community database while a built-in accelerometer can detect poor and uneven road surfaces. A lack of bell ringing on a route allows other Blubel users in the area to glean it is a good option for pedalling.

Experienced cyclists will know how difficult it can be to see streets displayed on a tiny GPS computer screen, particularly on bright, sunny days. Blubel's design dispenses with this granular approach to offer a far more user-friendly system.

The unit relays navigational directions via 12 lights on top of the bell. This system requires no orienteering compass knowledge: you simply follow the path that the device sets with its directional illumination which is easily seen in any lighting conditions.

Bad points?

It would take considerable prolonged usage to determine any navigational flaws.

Best for ...

Those keen to start commuting but who lack confidence due to road knowledge. Blubel finds the quietest, ideally lower-risk routes.

Avoid if ...

You want to get from A to B as quickly as possible without caring how busy the roads may be.

Score: 9/10.

Blubel, £79 (blubel.co)